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Tips to combat lack of sexual desire

Enjoying a full sex life is synonymous with physical and emotional well-being. Sometimes, however, some people find it difficult to enjoy a complete sexuality. There are many factors that can be behind this situation, such as mood and emotional problems, diseases, stress and anxiety, the relationship with our partner … In many cases, the main problem that prevents us from enjoying completely is the lack of sexual desire buy Nugenix.


The loss of interest in sexual relations affects women in a special way, especially when menopause arrives, but it is not something exclusive to the female gender. In this sense, men are also affected by lack of sexual desire. The reasons are varied, both physical and psychological, and range from monotony to low self-esteem, anxiety, modesty, lack of initiative.


When a lack of sexual desire is detected, the experts recommend facing the problem and not letting it pass. In our favor we have the fact that it is not about irreversible situations. There are gestures and habits that can help us stimulate sexual desire and regain full sexuality. We tell you:


Feed the morbid of the couple. Monotony is one of the great enemies of sex. Although in recent times have proliferated drugs that promise to multiply our libido and sexual desire, the truth is that there is little to do if the person next to us does not attract us. In many cases the routine is behind the loss of sexual desire, so to re-nurture desire it is necessary to reinvent yourself. It is not a change only on the physical and sexual level, but it can be simply inviting our partner to dinner or share a novel experience. In this sense, it should be noted, for example, that female sexual desire, much more linked to the emotional component, has nothing to do with male sexual desire, much more focused on the physical and carnal aspect.


Play and explore with the couple. Sex is also play. Whoever confronts sexual relations as a mere procedure falls into a serious error and is bound to bore his partner and to cool his libido and sexual desire . Give importance to caresses and prolegomena, propose new positions, try to make our sexual fantasies , resort to sex toys and ultimately seduce and surprise our partner is essential to stimulate sexual desire. So is spontaneity. In this sense, not always but sometimes we should try to surprise our partner to leave behind the daily routine and feed the sexual desire ..


Take care and love yourself. Exercising, losing weight, eating a healthy and balanced diet … are also part of the recommended habits to stimulate our sexual life and feed sexual desire. About our diet, it should be noted that there are foods that although they will not work miracles, they can help us improve our sexuality. For example, nuts, rich in arginine and that increase the erectile capacity of man, but also aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate or cinnamon, which act on the hypothalamus and enhance sexual desire. In addition, we must not forget in this section the need to have a proper personal hygiene, essential to enjoy a completely satisfactory sex life.


Accept your body and reduce your demands. If we do not learn to accept our own body as it is, with its virtues and its defects, we will never be able to enjoy a full sexual life. Insecurities are enemies of sexual desire, so get rid of them. The more confident we feel with ourselves and our bodies, the more we will enjoy sex. It is also essential to forget prejudices and reduce your demands towards your partner. Of course, we must forget what we have seen in porn movies. Real sex has nothing to do with what you see in adult movies.


Communicate with your partner We have left this advice to the end, but it is probably the most important of all. And is that communication with our partner is essential to increase sexual desire. And it is for all aspects of our relationship and logically also for the sexual plane. Because of shyness or shame, we often cut ourselves when telling our partner what we like in bed and our sexual fantasies. Sometimes, lack of sexual desire is associated with the lack of pleasure experienced by some people. And sometimes, this is precisely because it has not been transmitted to the couple what we really like. It is important to discuss these issues with the couple in order to enjoy 100% of our sexual relations.