Sweet gift ideas for a golfer college

Nothing will convince your partner that he is really known as the perfect gift, a gift he could not have imagined he asks for, but a gift that, however, he knows is perfect, the second sees it. Here are some gift ideas for a boyfriend who hits the books, the long ball and after its end, the bottle ben hogan ft worth irons review.

USCGA membership

Even if your only experience with golf is trying to kick a ball between the blades of a windmill, consider subscribing to the United States Golf Association’s peers. For an annual fee equal to the purchase of you and your dinner boyfriend, you will get a 1 year subscription to Golf Digest magazine, 2-for-1 coupons in USCGA courses and various other discounts on equipment and vacations. The tournaments are social, however, if your boyfriend is competitive, the tournaments can be, too. This will give you the opportunity to share your interests, to make plans for the future and to travel occasionally together.

Games with alcoholic beverages

Golf is one of the few sports in which the consumption of alcohol during the game is acceptable. If your boyfriend likes to pull back a couple of drinks, you might like the Golf Shot Glass Bar Drinking Game. The game includes a miniature putting green, one that fits in your coffee table, where the score of each player has certain requirements to drink. You could also offer to pick up your tab for a night in the city by playing the drinking-pub game called Golf Jump. Order a drink in nine different bars and count the number of drinks each player needs to finish their drink. Under general sip count wins.


On Sundays, he sits in front of the television all day, watching the drama of the final round unfold and listening attentively to the speaker every word. Why not get tickets for a tournament? The PGA, Nationwide, and LPGA tours have weekly events throughout the country. Find one near you. This is a great way for the two of you to spend time together; Golf is a social sport with time for its participants and spectators to talk while walking between takes.

Classic books Golf

Do not forget why you are in college in the first place. He is a student. His biggest academic problem is that he only seems to want to learn about those things that really matter. Maybe he likes to study literature, but he hates biology. A book that would be a true page pin would be about your favorite sport, golf. Consider buying him some of the best-known books: Ben Little Red Book by Harvey Penick Five lessons by Hogan and.