Gift ideas for entrepreneurs

In these days of shopping for gifts, come those moments of frustration where you do not know what to buy, especially when you are looking for the perfect gift for your enterprising friend. What can be given to someone who knows what he wants and gets it?!

Fortunately, there are hundreds of excellent gifts waiting to be purchased. And yes, even if you do not believe it, some are perfect for entrepreneurs click here.

We promise that the gift ideas for entrepreneurs that we are about to share will make the person who receives them feel appreciated and see them as an immediate benefit, especially if they are thinking of growing -or starting- their own business.

Pin Always Open

Internet never sleeps, therefore no online business does. This is ideal for having an unconventional work schedule. The Always Open pin, which you can find in the Shopify store , is perfect for the entrepreneur in your life who is not afraid to work for hours to grow his business . We bet that he will be a key player in his outfit, which he will proudly show off.

Wireless charger for keychain

Having a smartphone without a battery is not the worst thing that can happen to extremely busy entrepreneurs, but it is undoubtedly a fairly common situation. Smartphones are vital elements in many companies or at least we feel it, so every entrepreneur in your life will appreciate that you give them the key to save days of panic and low productivity. This compact size charger can be housed in your keychain, waiting to go into action. You can also connect it to any USB port to upload and transfer files.

Vintage patent calendar poster

Within the original ideas for gift is object. Almost all entrepreneurs value innovation. This gift is inspiring and works as a clear example of the impact that a good idea and hard work can have on the world. Many of the ideas that seemed crazy at the time have dramatically changed the way we do things. This patent calendar doubles as a poster and each month presents a different design of vintage patents, such as the bicycle or light bulb, which will surely inspire you.

Agenda Design Love

Whether innate or acquired, every entrepreneur must be organized. Surely they have endless tasks to complete, relationships to handle and meetings to attend. Help them not lose these commitments with the Design Love agenda. Not only does it have space for appointments, to-do lists and budget, it also has motivational quotes and a beautiful design that we are sure you will not wait to use.

Battery backup and wall charger Bolt

If you use your phone a lot, as most entrepreneurs do, the moment will come when you realize that it is necessary to have a backup battery. The problem is that most backup batteries do not meet the requirements you expect and worse, you almost never remember to bring it with a charge. At this point think of Bolt, which is a charger and backup battery in a single device. Connect it to your phone during the night and use it in the morning.

Five-Minute Journal

We all struggle with focus and productivity from time to time. A proven way to keep you on the road is positivity. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who face many challenges, keeping multiple tasks pending. The Five-Minutes Diary is designed to help make anyone happier and more productive, through concentration and positive thinking. The best part is that it only takes you five minutes a day.

Onyx Creative Night Cable

I have learned to the bad that you never have enough cables. Basically, I have a cable to charge my devices in almost every room in my house and another at work. Sadly, none of them is as versatile or as stylish as the Zebra Night cable. It’s called a night wire because it’s long enough for you to connect your device and still use it in bed – but you can use it anywhere. The design can be made smaller and manipulated without breaking.

Boss Lady Mug

I know, not only do entrepreneurs take coffee, but sometimes I think they consume it much more than the average population. Those of us who love to drink this beverage know that it is more pleasant if we use a cup that reflects our personality, so we recommend giving this cup away if you have a successful entrepreneur in your life. Without a doubt, it is a gift that will be used again and again.

Iconic: a photographic tribute to Apple’s innovation

Entrepreneurs love beautiful designs. That’s one of the reasons why so many people admire Apple’s products. His extraordinary journey has shaped computing at home, at work and on the go. Its reflective and iconic designs have created one of the most recognized brands in the world. The Iconic book , by Ridgewood Publishing, is a visual story of the Apple brand. It’s perfect for an office coffee table!

Design your own watch with Modify Watches

It may not be so necessary to have a watch to see the time, but it still works as an excellent accessory. I have to admit, when you start using one, you’ll appreciate not having to flip to see your phone. Modify Watches is a brand that is responsible for modifying a watch and do it to your liking, since they are modules together that form a great accessory. You can mix and match a variety of faces and straps. If you want to really personalize this gift, you can create a design with the logo of the company you want.