5 Tips for buying vertical lifts for the disabled


The Vertical Elevators for the disabled are one of the most used options to save from small slopes up to several stories high providing accessibility to all types of people (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).

What is a vertical elevator?

Undoubtedly the vertical elevator that we all know is the Elevator, this type of vertical elevator can be found in residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc., but in this case, we will not talk about it, but two other types of elevators verticals, vertical short-haul elevators and reduced-speed elevators.

On the one hand, vertical short-haul elevators are specifically designed to overcome small unevenness of a maximum of three meters.

This type of vertical elevator is characterized by being manufactured with a characteristic open cabin with protections at half height.

This type of elevator is very used to overcome the unevenness that produces the existence of a flight of stairs, normally formed by a few steps, existing in some entrances of neighborhood communities, shops, public buildings, etc.

In addition, it can also represent a solution for single-family homes, where it is used to save the height of a plant, as long as its route does not exceed three meters.

As for the lifts of reduced speed, they are elevators very similar aesthetically to the conventional lifts with the main exception that, as its own name indicates, the speed at which they move is limited, not being able to be higher than 15 centimeters per second.

How do they help people with disabilities?

In the case of vertical short-haul elevators we have a simple and fully adapted to provide maximum autonomy to all users, in this aspect, it is only necessary to press and hold the push button up or down to reach the destination, where the elevator it will stop automatically.

To allow access to people in wheelchairs have to have dimensions of at least 80 cm, width by 1.2 meter in depth.

In addition, they must be equipped with a small access ramp or be completely level, by building a pit.

In the case of the reduced speed lifts , the useful dimensions of the cabin to allow access to people in wheelchairs, have to be at least 1 meter wide by 1.2 meters deep, as long as the boarding and the disembarkation coincide on the same side or face each other.

In the case that the boarding and disembarking are at an angle, the dimensions must be sufficient to allow the chair to turn inside without difficulty.

In addition, when it comes to spaces for public use, and depending on the legislation of each community, it is normally required that the minimum cabin measures be 1.1 meters wide by 1.4 meters deep, which also allows of the wheelchair transporting a companion.

5 tips for buying a vertical elevator

If you are interested in acquiring a vertical elevator, you can definitely be interested in these five tips.

Different options for the same purpose. We do not have to forget that perhaps the installation of a vertical lift for people with disabilities is not the only option, it is important to consider different possibilities such as the construction of a ramp, the installation of a stair lift platform, the elevator down to level zero…

Choice of the right type of vertical elevator, if it is a matter of saving a few steps located at the entrance, the vertical elevator will undoubtedly be the main choice, if it is a matter of being able to access the different floors of a single-family house, and we are interested in reduced speed elevator.

Installation company, nowadays it is easy to find installers vertical lift companies for the disabled, but they are trusted, do so directly, without intermediaries, who really are specialists in this type of elevators and have their headquarters or delegation with technical service as close as possible to the place of installation to resolve any incident or breakdown that may occur, reduces its number considerably.

Compare budgets , before proceeding to the acquisition of one of these elevators, we must bear in mind that it is an important investment, so requesting several quotes from different companies in our area is without a doubt the best choice. Simply comparing, we can find not only the type of elevator that best suits our needs, but we can also find price differences between different professionals of several hundred or even thousands of euros, with equal models or with very similar finishes and characteristics.