What to do to avoid annoying fungal infections of the feet

fungal infections of the feet

Infections caused by fungi that appear on the feet are usually quite unpleasant. Not only for those who suffer from this, but also for the people who live with that person. However, most of these can be prevented, says one expert.

“Fungal infections in the nails are common, and tend to be a family problem due to a hereditary tendency, although not everyone is susceptible, ” said Joshua Zeichner, a doctor at the American Academy of Dermatology in the United States.

One of the main signs to detect these fungal infections is the yellowish or brown color in the nails; in addition to that they can split or get rid easily.

“Since fungal nail infections (remedio de farmacia para unha encravada) are contagious, it is important to take precautions to reduce the risk of infection” said the specialist.

To avoid them, the doctor invites you to follow the following recommendations:

-Keep nails on short toes.

– Cut all the nail straight to keep it strong and avoid ingrown toenails.

– Always wear shoes of our size (the tips of the shoes should not touch the nails).

-Alternate our shoes daily so you can ventilate.

-As far as possible, wear footwear that promotes perspiration.

-Use sandals whenever possible.

-Use fresh socks.

-Apply spray or antifungal powder on shoes and socks before using them.

– Do not walk barefoot in public places (such as swimming pools and changing rooms).

-Use footwear for the shower (flip flops or sandals) to protect from fungi on the floor.

-Never use someone else’s shoes.

-Do not share nail clippers or files.

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