Current Attitude Towards Professional Certification

Cisco Certified Headphones

It is now on the market a lot of professional certification certification, such as ccie, hcie, h3cie, jncie, ibm, rhce and so many, many, it covers a variety of technical field direction.

Many people order a certificate, not in-depth understanding, blindly back exam, in fact, is a completely Maiduhaizhu behavior. Certificate is not everything, the glory does not mean that it can only be called a ladder your way to success. Certificate itself is a piece of paper, a crystal cup, there is no value, the real value is that you learn on the road leading to certification; the process you get the certificate; that confidence after you have relevant skills; to face the future, the hearts of those affirmation of their own species; a group of like-minded partners on this way to make learning; and develop good study habits, so that their thinking, analyzing the problem becomes serious, more structured, whether the future is to do management, or continue to engage in technology, these are what ultimately make us a lifetime thing.

Certification took this road, you are a soldier, it is necessary to go for their own future, their own ambitions to fight. A plan view of the heart, to be worthy of it. This is what I give you as a certified veteran about to embark on the battlefield soldiers certification advice.
Many people asked about the network Huawei and Cisco certification which is better, I combine their experience, initiate, say under their own point of view, but only on behalf of personal position. For more details on Cisco Certified Headphones and Jabra Cisco Headphones

Huawei and Cisco’s competitive landscape analysis

About Cisco and Huawei contrast, the network filled with a lot of articles,, as a veteran of the network, to share with you their views.

Product R & D model comparison

Most of Cisco’s technology is bought from outside, Huawei is purely self-development. For example, Cisco nexus product line leader, Cisco before leaving work, after Cisco acquired, then left Cisco business, Cisco further acquisitions. So Cisco and Huawei Technology Roadmap different style, there is good or bad, just different American companies with China’s way of thinking it.

I have always felt that this model is more suitable for Cisco innovations, Cisco is relying on an innovative way to keep this ability, leading the market. Although Huawei self-developed route seems less risky, more suitable control, in fact, I have always felt that Huawei should go the acquisition route, but unfortunately under the Chinese environment, because to fast money, easy listing, ran a lot of good companies doing Internet business, and domestic products company can do very little solid, you did not purchase. At this level, Cisco is a pack of wolves, Huawei is more like a wolf in the fighting. Even so, Huawei has 35,000 patents, is the world’s first three rows of Huawei and Cisco war, in my opinion, Huawei in the United States throughout the Silicon Valley Internet companies battle group. This is the fundamental reason why not the US company Huawei’s acquisition of Silicon Valley, I think so.
But go mode and want to maintain a long period of innovation, it is to do product companies face the most difficult problems. Jobs left Apple is an example. Once Cisco’s innovation capacity decreased, product homogeneity, the cost will be the key to decide the outcome. And then Huawei will use the low-cost advantage and strong R & D comprehensive than Cisco. So boldly concluded that if the global market liberalization is not set barriers over Cisco Huawei is just a very short question.

“Huawei did not want to become the world’s first, but had to go on to become the world’s first road.” Huawei executives said.



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