5 tips to increase libido

When it comes to having sex, the mind plays a very important role. Although for some the act is a purely physical impulse, the reality is very different, since our head needs to feel “clean” of worries and focus on what is before us. There are many people who have seen their sexual desire affected, so today we propose 5 tips to increase libido Prime Male review.

The shortage of desire at bedtime with a person can be due to medical issues, even day-to-day situations such as stress, monotony, fatigue or failure in previous relationships that now condition us. In the event that your problem is not solved with the following proposals, it is best that you put yourself in the hands of a sexologist to advise you.


Increase dopamine production

A natural way to increase libido is by increasing the production of dopamine. It can be achieved in different ways, either by practicing physical exercise or eating chocolate.

Favor the increase of blood flow

You have to opt for eating foods that contribute to increased blood flow, which to a certain extent is responsible for male erections and this in turn to promote arousal in women. Among these foods we must highlight the cheese and salmon, which contain omega 3, without forgetting the ginseng that also helps increase blood flow.

Foods rich in zinc

As much as possible we must consume foods that are rich in zinc, which deals with the production of hormones, which are very important in both the female and male libido.

Try different things

On many occasions you have to choose to change and run away from the routine. And it’s not about trying another couple in bed. The first thing is to talk with the other person about what is happening, treating the problem normally. Try different things, like making love blindfolded, indulging the sexual fantasy of one of the two or adding some complement during the act. It’s about bringing out our imagination. Possibly it will not be any inconvenience when there is sex in the middle.

In addition, it is advisable to carry out different activities with the couple to reinforce emotional ties and get them to link back to them. It is about enhancing our mental stimulation in some way. When the sexual frequency is affected it will be time to worry and find solutions.

Anxiety and stress

The day to day is a serious disorder for our sexual desire. You have to try to lower the levels of stress and anxiety, and rest much more. When we get home we will try to relax and disconnect to control negative emotions or anything that may affect you in bed. It will not be the same when you get home and see your partner or home as a source of tranquility and fun, as a generator of disorders. In case this does not work for you, go to a specialist.

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