Incorporating superfoods into our diets is more important than ever. The abundance of foods that only provide “empty calories” (large amount of calories and no nutrients) have left us in a pretty bad state of health Athletic Greens reviews. We are in a constant fight against obesity, cancer, diabetes and other diseases of the circulatory system. Also, as a result of industrialization a large amount of chemicals are sprayed on our food and then transported long distances to be later cooked at home. When they reach our mouth the nutritional value is almost NULL.


Superfoods have more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals than any other food on the planet. Instead of our bodies being invaded by toxins, empty calories and substances that are difficult to digest, superfoods provide only good things that will make us feel and look better, give us more energy and help our body fight against all kinds of diseases. Now, although nature has given us a lot of superfoods, it is impossible to understand and buy all of a milestone. That’s why you have to start little by little. Today I will explain what they are and every week I will talk about a different one and propose recipes. So do not worry, you do not have to go running to buy all the superfoods at this time. Better choose one every one or two weeks and go incorporating it into your diet. At the beginning I only dedicated myself to cocoa, hemp seeds and chia until little by little, as the years went by, I incorporated others. Changing your lifestyle is not possible from one day to the next, it is a process that can take months or even years, but incorporating superfoods into your diet is a very good way to start.


In Madrid you can find them in any herbalist, Ecocentro or Dellicare. In Mexico you can find them in natural M’üí. If not, they can contact me and I will send them to your home or I will tell you where to get them. The easiest way to add them to your diet is through smoothies. You can take a look at my page and you will see that making smoothies with superfoods is the simplest way to improve your health, beauty and vitality.


My favorites are:

  1. Cocoa
  2. The coconut
  3. Matcha tea
  4. Seaweed (chlorella and spirulina)
  5. The camu camu
  6. Goji berries
  7. Hemp seeds
  8. Chia
  9. Linen
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