Increase your testosterone naturally

We started a new fitness series. One in which we will see how we can increase our testosterone naturally. As we can maximize the results, we gain more muscle and more strength modifying our daily habits, our way of eating and our way of training fat burners.

The reason for this series?

Well, testosterone levels have been declining decade by decade. If we compare your testosterone levels with those of your grandfather at your age it is very likely that he had 20% more. This is mainly due to the lifestyle we have today and what we eat.

In this series of videos we will see how we can, through our lifestyle and our diet, increase our testosterone that 15% that we have been losing over the years. Training, eating well, not having deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, having a low percentage of fat among other things affects your testosterone levels.

In total this serious will be composed of 6 videos. These are the topics that we will deal with in each video:

  1. What is it and how does testosterone help us?
  2. How to eat to increase our testosterone?
  3. How to train to increase our testosterone?
  4. Supplements to increase testosterone naturally
  5. Basic tips to increase testosterone
  6. Practical guide to maximize your testosterone levels.

What is testosterone?

Synthetic testosterone is the best-selling drug to increase performance and muscle mass, especially in bodybuilding, but people do not really know what it is or how it works. Testosterone is an analogue hormone that when absorbed by your muscles increases protein synthesis. That is, they increase the capacity to generate new muscle mass. Testosterone also currently on the bones increasing the density of these.

It is so effective that in fact, the use of synthetic testosterone causes us to gain muscle mass without even training. I remember a study in which the results of steroid consumers who did not train and people who trained were compared. And consumers, despite doing nothing, gained more muscle mass.

How is testosterone generated?

In a natural way, the process is as follows:

  1. Everything starts in the hypothalamus when it secretes the gonodotropin-releasing hormone or GNRH.
  2. This hormone stimulates the pituitary gland to release LH.
  3. Which reaches the testes where testosterone is generated from cholesterol?
  4. Then, our body warns the hypothalamus of testosterone levels saying we do not need more

That’s why taking synthetic testosterone is a serious problem because it causes your body to stop generating testosterone naturally. As your body detects high levels, the hypothalamus stops working in this direction.

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