Corruption and Money-Laundering

readymade Hk company

Among the wealth of overseas transfer process, through underground banks “money laundering” exit is an extremely convenient way. Underground banks are engaged in underground civil commonly known illegal financial business of a class organization. As illegal intermediary financial services, rich or corrupt officials can always scale ranging from RMB assets to the underground banks and pay “fees”, and the underground banks by foreign partners to enter their corresponding foreign currency abroad account. Underground banks engaged in illegal foreign exchange transactions, money laundering and cross-border money transfers and other activities, both on the national economic security and financial entities pose a threat to security, but also facilitate money laundering, encourage smuggling, misappropriation of state assets and other criminal activities upstream. readymade Hk company

For the transfer of wealth, the underground banking procedure is simple, quick, cash flow quickly, but also to escape the supervision of banks, tax, business and other sectors. Under normal circumstances, through underground banks to transfer funds or exchange, within a few minutes to complete a single. Another means is registered offshore companies . Some countries and regions (mostly island) in recent years have resorted to legal means to develop and cultivate some special liberal economic regions, which are generally known as offshore jurisdictions. It refers to the so-called offshore company is established in the offshore areas of limited liability company or limited. China including entrepreneurs, businessmen, executives, actors, writers, etc., wealthy groups keen to register their own offshore company. This is because all of the major international banks have recognized offshore companies, and are willing to provide convenience for their established bank account and financial operations. In the course of the operation, on the one hand that the offshore company can help reduce tax credits rich groups, on the other hand, the offshore company without foreign exchange controls, which can make their overseas investment, wealth transfer plan more subtle and freedom. British Virgin Islands is the world’s largest number of companies registered in one of three offshore companies registered. Data show that the global registration of offshore companies have 70 million enterprises, of which 50 more than one million registered in the British Virgin Islands. And in this 50 more than one million offshore companies, there are 20 more than one million companies related to China. Regal group is very convenient transfer of personal assets through offshore companies, generally speaking, been demonstrated in the company registration agency issued after the establishment of procedures for offshore companies generally available in 24 hours.

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