5 tips to sell your property quickly

  1. Make an estimate “at the right price” of your property

An estimate that does not match the price of the local real estate market may delay the sale. In the case of a real estate transaction, it is not so much the price at which you bought your house or your apartment that matters (even if a “surplus value” is always welcome!) But how much it is worth today . In the majority of cases, real estate whose sale goes on forever (and secondarily puts the nerves of future sellers to the test) have been overvalued and do not correspond to local demand sell my house fast houston.

  1. Take care of your home presentation

“Beware of the first impression, it’s often the right one! “ Real estate sales are not immune to this adage. Indeed, a certain Stéphane P., real estate agent of his state, TV host at his spare time and a little blunder on the edges, does him not repeat to length of emissions that:

“It’s in the first 90 seconds of the visit that a buyer decides”.

Clearly, without transforming your home into a “house-witness”, unclutter the space to the maximum, track down any dirt and make repairs that you had so far postponed.

  1. Depersonalize your home

It is essential to “neutralize” as much as possible the interior decoration of the property that one wishes to sell. Why? Simply because potential buyers may not share you’re decorating tastes. In case of succession, it is for example strongly advised to put in the closet the wild boar head which throne on the wall of the dining room of fire your grandfather … Besides it is easier for a possible buyer to project into a “lambda” house rather than a heavily marked interior of the previous occupant’s footprint. As an example, your 13-year-old rap fan will have a hard time imagining the sweet pink bedroom of an 8-year-old princess. And we understand it!

  1. Let it be known that your property is on the market

It is essential that you communicate on your sales plan. Talk about it, but also via social networks and ad sites. Be careful not to overdo it! Multiplying the simple mandates with different real estate agencies certainly shares a good intention (optimize the chances that your ad is seen) but risks overexposing your property (and therefore discredit it). And for good reason, if they see that your house or your apartment is on sale at different prices on several agencies sites, potential buyers may find it suspicious that you put so much effort to get rid of…

  1. Highlight the strengths of your home

The beautiful days would be more conducive to real estate sales than the rest of the year. But playing the seasonality card can be a good idea. If your house has a fireplace, nothing like a good flambé to charm potential future buyers who would not be insensitive to the attraction of a good fire (especially if the visit takes place in the middle of winter …).

In the same way, if you have a beautiful garden, do not hesitate to put it on stage (home staging is also applicable outside homes). In short, anything that could constitute an “added value” and allow your home to stand out from other properties offered on the market should in no case be hidden but on the contrary proudly exhibited!


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