5 Sales Strategies for an e-Commerce

The e-Commerce are competing day by day to distinguish themselves from other companies. To make you noticed you need sales strategies that will help you in this saturated digital world ecom inspector, in which it is increasingly difficult to offer new promotions to similar audiences.

However, despite all these obstacles, there is an opportunity for your company to stand out from all the others. Here I explain how!

The best Sales Strategies for an e-Commerce

To generate and increase sales, always start with the data you have. If you still do not have them, you can send an online survey to your database and gather information that will help you make better decisions. Next, I leave you a list of 5 strategies to keep growing:


1 # Compete adding value, not changing prices

It is difficult to stay in the market when you are constantly changing prices. By doing this you are also getting your customers to wait until your products come down, which will only generate lower income and reduce the good perception that people have towards your brand.

Instead, focusing on the value of your products you can offer your customers a worthwhile experience that they will be willing to pay. A value would be something that makes your customers make your purchase with just a click, for example, offers free shipping or a bonus.

These are things that matter to consumers. Trust these sales strategies and you will get pleasant surprises.

Without a doubt, customers demand new technologies that offer experiences without errors. Facilitate payment options and make sure that processes are fast, for that you can use PayPal or Openpay to accept payments effectively and safely.

If you want to be the most accurate you have to be in constant contact with your customers, asking them what you can offer them and how you can improve your service. This will help you increase your sales, as you will have more and more satisfied customers.

Being different and distinguishing you from the competition do not start with the price. Instead of focusing on it, discover what is the unique value you are offering your customers, asking them to evaluate your products. Here I leave some survey templates that can be useful to know what to ask.


2 # Profile a market segment

For some online stores it is not enough to generate value to increase sales, so as part of their strategies they resort to focus on a new market.

Focusing on another segment does not mean selling new products or changing the image of your brand to “fit in” with other customers. Sometimes, it’s simply to focus on another market that you might not have considered.

For example, suppose that an online store currently sells cosmetics for middle-aged women, but according to the inquiries made by customers and the data obtained through the surveys, they realize that many young women are willing to buy cleaning and hydrating products. Of the skin.

With that information, you can decide to add a line of care and cleaning for the skin. Along with that, you could create content that shows how this market segment uses these products.

Take a chance to find a new niche and make it grow. If you want to evolve you have to make new audiences interested and buy new or current products.

I recommend reading: TED Talks that every sales professional should see.


3 # connect your content to each sales channel

The businesses that stand out resort to the generation of content within their sales strategies to attract and engage their customers. They see the opportunity to share information about updates, suggestions for uses and topics of interest to their consumers.

It is very common that brands that are engaged in online sales do not associate their marketing content with sales. What they usually do is deliver information that helps the reader solve a problem or some information need.

If getting more income is something important to you, it ‘s time to integrate content into each sales channel you have. Start knowing the activity that your website has. It is important to know where your customers come from. Do they come from social networks? From third-party references? Make an analysis of all this information.

Once you have these data on hand, create content that is attractive to customers and makes them buy your products. Experiment with all kinds of content, from long texts, images, GIFS, videos, etc.

The next step is to eliminate any errors that exist or cause visitors to leave your page and not buy. Marketing content does not always have to be branding. You can use this tool to make people part of your sales channel as well.


4 # Explore alternative channels

It may be that your market is saturated, but it is possible that your business is not reaching the ideal customers. To reach those customers you will need to know everything about your audience: where you eat, where you live, what your tastes and needs are, etc.

One thing that many online business owners get confused about is believing that making a website and getting many people aware of their social networks can make a business generate revenue. The truth is that you cannot expect a single channel to be your only source of income.

To get the income you want so much, what you can do is become a strategic partner of other brands. Of course, this strategy can be in many ways.

You can create a cross-campaign with your partner’s database; for example, QuestionPro and Doppler did an email marketing campaign exchanging the databases of each one.

Relying on one or even two ways to get customers for your business is not enough. You can expand your customer network by learning more about themselves and collaborating with other partners.


5 # Reward your customers

When it comes to carrying out sales strategies, online stores prefer to sell them to existing customers. Clients who have already made purchases and who trust in sales processes.

So you can start with a simple promotion per season, or you can make your customers perform some dynamics in social networks to get extra discounts and later you can create a loyalty program where your best customers refer your brand and get a percentage of the sale or special promotions.

Segment your audience to offer discounts to your most loyal customers, for example, to people who have made a purchase with you twice in a month. Be strategic in the promotions you offer; this does not mean that every time you want to reward your customers you have to give them a discount coupon. Be creative.

If you have information on what your consumers’ interests are, their favorite brands, and even where they usually like to leave, you can use this information to find out how to connect with more potential customers.

And finally, do not neglect them; they are the ones that can make you get recurring income in your business.

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